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We often are asked the question, ''How do I get an email address?'' Well, the answer is easy! There are many providers that will give you a free email address. Below is comprehensive list of key providers that will answer the question of how do you get an email addressHow Do You Get An Email Address picture:

Free Email AddressFree Email Address picture Benefits: Less spam, mobile access and lots of space

Focus on: Personal spam bodyguard, one-stop inboxing, mobile access
Free Email Addresses Free Email Addresses picture Benefits: 250+ Email Domains To Choose From, Unlimited Account Storage,Spam & Virus Protection, Mobile Access, Easy-to-transfer contacts

Yahoo Mail:
Focus on: Free email and other services

AIM Mail:
Focus on: Same folks as AIM

GMX Mail:
Free Email Accounts Free Email Accounts pictureBenefits: All in one email service, mobile access, lots of storage, spam filtering
Free Email Free Email pictureBenefits: Spam Filter, SMS Notifier, Auto-saved drafts, 10GB storage
Focus on: Storage, Photosharing, Calendar, Notifier, Layout Customization, RSS Feeds

Web Email Account Web Email Account pictureBenefits: Storage, Free with Ads

HotPOP Email Personal Email pictureBenefits: Aliases, Spam Filter, Support Center, Setup Guides


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